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Take down that old time clock from the break room and replace it with a new tablet running DroidTimeClock.

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DroidTimeClock Features

Clocking in made easy


You only pay for the users you need.

Always up-to-date

Because we are using the latest technologies, your system will periodically increase its functionality. For free. (Compatible with Android 4.0.3+)


Zero maintenance with centralized data security.

Prevent Fraud

Prevent employees from clock in for somebody else.


Clock in/out just by approaching a NFC tag


Web based dashboard and Timeclock for administrators and employees to see statistics and clock in remotely.

But... do I really need a time clock?

Time clocks make processing payroll simpler and easier, reducing uncertainty around the beginning and end of shifts and lunch breaks that can add up over time to seriously under -or over- paying some employees. Web, cellphone app and PCs based systems can make clocking in and out more convenient for employees as well. The bottom line is that time clocks make payroll simpler and easier, and that is better for everyone, company owners and employees alike.

Estimating the beginning and end of breaks can be especially difficult, since most people take short breaks that are paid and longer breaks that are not. Without a time clock, figuring out which is which can lead to a lot of errors.


Why DroidTimeClock?

DroidTimeClock is an android and web-based app so combining the two technologies you have the ability to manage employee time and attendance from anywhere at any time. Employees can clock in quick and easy on a tablet using an NFC tag, from their phone or computer. DroidTimeClock calculates labor hour totals, you can keep track of who is working and who is not, export reports to your payroll company and finally stop adding up hours manually.

  • Employees can clock in and out in the office using DroidTimeClock app on the tablet mounted on the wall, from their PCs, or phone
  • Manager can pull reports anytime, from anywhere.
  • Prevent fraud and employees clocking in for each other.
  • All features are included, software updates, support, all with no extra fees.


Keeping everything simple. Even prices!


From $3.99 per month. FREE 15 day trial
  • Max Users
  • NFC enabled
  • Clock in remotely
  • Web app
  • Android app
  • Fraud prevention
  • No ads
  • Support
$3.99 user/month

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